Dr. Leo Sharashkin's Natural Beekeeping Workshop (Postponed)

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Dr. Leo Sharashkin, noted author and translator, scholar, apiarist, and speaker, will lead a two-day seminar on natural, treatment-free beekeeping using Horizontal Langstroth and Layens Hives in Bowling Green, Ky., in the coming year. This is the same seminar he gives near his apiary in the Missouri Ozarks and it is not to be missed! Weather permitting, the seminar will also include a visit to the Irish Acres Apiary where you can see these hives in use. For full details of the program, please visit his website

Irish Acres Apiary is bringing Dr. Leo to Kentucky as part of our ongoing effort to promote natural, treatment-free beekeeping practices. I have attended two of his workshops and will do so again this year and I never fail to learn a lot at every workshop. Keeping bees can be simple, healthful, and rewarding using the techniques outlined in his book, Keeping Bees With a Smile. Dr. Leo shares time-honored methods that take the sting out of beekeeping and make it fun and accessible to all. The visually-rich presentations include step-by-step instructions, hive demonstrations, and free hive plans. Even beekeepers with decades of experience will learn new things!

Beginner beekeepers — or those just contemplating having bees — will receive a robust working understanding of all aspects and options of the natural approach. Experienced beekeepers — from backyard hobbyists to commercial beekeepers — who seek ways to keep their bees treatment-free with minimal intervention and expense will gain a host of new ideas that can be applied to their existing operations.

We will visit the Irish Acres Apiary to see a diversity of horizontal hives in action (weather permitting). And, in addition to Dr. Leo's many presentations, we'll also have a very special guest - you'll hear the
expert talk by Shannon Trimboli, author of Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Please join us!

Workshop Schedule and Highlights (notional for future workshops)


The two-day workshop will be held on a weekend per the following schedule:

Registration opens: 8 am Saturday,
Workshop begins: 9 am Saturday
Workshop ends: 5 pm Sunday


The program will cover all aspects of the natural beekeeping approach, including:

  • Bees — How they live in nature and how to respect their ways in your apiary.
  • Natural beekeeping — “Pulling honey is all I do.” – One hive visit per year. – Mistakes to avoid.
  • Simplified queen rearing using horizontal hives. Breed local bees with superior genetics.
  • Catching swarms — Start or increase an apiary for free by attracting local bees. – Improve bee genetics.
  • Hives — Which model is best for you? – Horizontal hives and their advantages. – Design hives like a pro.
  • Frames — Wax foundation vs. foundationless natural comb. – Make your own foundation.
  • Management — What to do and not to do. – Keep your bees and keep your smile.
  • Keep it simple — One-box hive, no feeding, no heavy lifting, no queen excluders, no requeening.
  • Treatment-free — Healthy strong colonies without any drugs.
  • Wintering — Help bees overwinter successfully in any climate.
  • Woodworking — How to build low-maintenance bee-friendly hives. – DIY made easy. – Materials and tools.
  • Honey, wax, propolis — And some hive products you never heard about! – Sell your honey for $25/lb.
  • Honey plants — Enhance nectar resources for bee’s future, and ours! In addition to Dr. Leo's talk, we will have a special presentation by Shannon Trimboli, author of Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.
  • Apiary visit — See horizontal hives in action at Irish Acres Apiary. – both Horizontal Langstroth and Layens Hives wifll be seen in use.
  • Bees and community — What we can learn from the bees about a cooperative society?
  • And MUCH MORE!

Visit Historic Bowling Green!


Bowling Green, Ky., home of the Corvette factory, Western Kentucky University, and a short drive from the world's largest cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park, is also just an hour from Nashville. We are a great place to visit so bring the family! With dozens of hotel choices, you can enjoy basic to luxurious lodgings. Don't just come for the workshop - make a family holiday of it! Learn more about Bowling Green tourism here.

Workshop Registration Rates

$399 for two days
just $299 per person for 2 or more people (save $100 each!)

NOTE: Rates do not include meals or lodging, but healthy snacks and drinks will be provided throughout both days.