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About Irish Acres Honey

Raw, Artisanal Kentucky Honey


We are not a large-scale, commercial apiary. We do NOT sell "commodity" honey wholesale or to commercial middlemen. Instead, we have a smaller, sustainable number of hives that are lovingly maintained and cared for to ensure our bees have the healthiest environment and "home life" possible. Our artisanal honey is limited in quantity, so let us know you're interested by signing up above and we'll keep you posted as soon as we have our next harvest!

What Goes Into Our Honey?


The best honey comes from a highly diversified mix of wildflowers, grasses (such as clovers and alfalfa), and trees. Irish Acres Farm has plenty of everything and so does the surrounding countryside! And our happy bees are NOT fed sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, nor are they treated with chemicals. Your honey will be full of pollen and other natural goodness - as nature intended it!

We are CNG Certified!

Irish Acres Farm CNG Certification Page

We cannot be USDA-certified "organic," nor can anyone else in the U.S. given how far bees forage, but we are Certified Naturally Grown, so you know our bees are cared for without chemicals, antibiotics, or other treatments. We also do not feed them sugar or high-fructose corn syrup as do so many commercial operations. They're all natural and so are their honey products! Read more about us here.

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