Our Honey Speaks for Itself!

"I bought your honey Friday at the Knicely Center and tried it this morning in oatmeal. I can honestly say it's the best honey I've had. Excellent! Can't wait to buy more!" 

Brenda, Bowling Green, KY

About Us

Healthy Honey from Happy Bees!

Our healthy honey is produced by bees living in stationary, wooden hives, located in a forest and surrounded by fields of wildflowers and clovers. The surrounding countryside has very few GMO crops, so the bees have a very healthy diet! See our Certified Naturally Grown certification here.

Our Honey is "Beyond Organic!"

It is almost impossible for American honey to be certified "organic" by the USDA. Our apiary, however, is "Certified Naturally Grown" - meaning we do not feed our bees sugar, we do not treat them with chemicals, we do not move them around, and we let them live their lives as naturally as possible. We respect the natural instincts of bees and do not "micro-manage" them with frequent visits and treatments. Our apiary is strictly cruelty-free, using only the most ethical beekeeping methods. Our honey is raw, lightly filtered, never heated, and full of pollen and other healthy ingredients. We love our bees and the honey they make for us!

Premium Honey Worth Every Penny!

We admit it - our honey is not cheap. We do not compete with "commodity honey" from the box stores and supermarkets because our honey is different and better. You get what you pay for! We sell directly to the consumer, not to a middleman or dealer. Irish Acres Honey is raw, unheated, and full of pollen, with the rich flavor that only the diversity of forest and wildflowers can give it. Likewise, our honeycombs are free of the chemicals used to treat most beehives, so you can eat them without worrying about what unknown chemical treatments might be in there. Honey of this quality is not just a sweetener, it's a health food! Try it all and you'll be hooked!

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